21 November 2019

Alan Bekker: How FinTech Helps AI Startups


Machine Learning and AI are the two biggest trends in the industry. In this episode, we will talk with Alan Bekker, co-founder, and CTO at voca.ai, which specializes in natural language processing to build voice assistants for financial services software. If you want to know the real case of building AI products for FinTech with real challenges and ways to overcome them, this is the podcast for you.


1:47 Alan’s bio. Scientific background in a CTO role
5:39 A dream about perfect personal voice assistant
11:04 Why it’s worth for AI startups to focus on FinTech?
14:00 Devs and Data Scientists: what’s the difference?
18:07 Hiring in AI startup is key
21:17 CTO’s day-to-day 
25:49 Product management in Big Data startup
29:02 Expanding the customer service needs improving the tech side
30:59 Strong community and networking for self-development
32:41 The best and the worst of the CTO role
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