5 September 2019

Alessandro Preziosi: CTO Is to Keep Teams and Estimates Realistic


Startups requiring intensive research work often struggle to get accurate estimates and keep productive. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Alessandro Preziosi, CTO at SumUp Analytics, an ML startup that was born out of a university research project. If you need a piece of advice on how to choose stack, team structure, and people for a young company, this is the podcast for you.


1:24 Alessandro’s background. About SumUp Analytics
4:16 Why is finance a top priority for the startup?
6:38 How do APIs help to sell to businesses?
9:56 SumUp Analytics use cases
13:09 CTO role in a small startup as it grows older
16:32 The role of team structure, chats, and communication
18:40 Keep researching or you will lose
22:30 Why it’s worth sticking to open-source tech stack?
26:14 Where to hire people for startups?
31:08 The company as a group of friends
34:47 Why is it important to speak one (financial) language?
37:51 CTO is to keep estimates for investors realistic
40:36 Cloud provider agnostic approach
46:08 Watching YouTube vs reading documentation: what’s more efficient?
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