19 December 2019

Brad Burgess: Are Employees a Threat for Security?


Managing a company’s security and people should go hand in hand. In this episode, we’re having a talk with Brad Burgess, CTO at Orion Advisor Services, a portfolio accounting service provider for advisors. If you want to know more about how things are organized in Orion and what CTO practices helped them to reach success, this podcast is for you.


1:27 Brad’s background. Work in Orion
4:23 Why protecting the company from its employees?
7:50 Your integration partners should have the same level of consciousness
9:36 Intelligent people are key
12:36 Structure: functional teams
15:52 Reengineering as an evolution
22:59 Testing automation practices
24:35 Product management and prioritization
33:00 How should a technology leader learn?
35:01 Machine learning behavior analytics: prospects
36:51 Changes can motivate
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