14 November 2019

Combining Speed, Quality, and Corporate Culture


Sticking together and working shoulder-to-shoulder is the best strategy a FinTech company can have. We’re going to talk with Nicolas Joseph, VP of Engineering at Datalogue Inc. that uses machine learning to improve data preparation. If you believe in the power of community, sharing knowledge and keeping up studying, this podcast is for you.


1:18 About Datalogue. The start of Nicolas’ career
3:55 CTO’s role is to clear roadblocks out of the way of the others
7:50 Figuring out how to combine speed and quality
10:56 ‘Lazy road’ in testing
14:24 Keeping as cross-functional as possible
19:53 Why story points system fails
27:04 ‘Tasty’ corporate culture
30:10 The core of the Datalogue’s ML system
34:40 Tools that empower product management, communication, and engineering
39:50 For security, don’t ship your own cryptography – use pre-built modules
45:15 Leave meetings for mornings
47:00 How self-learning helps to improve processes
49:19 About backlog review sessions
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