7 November 2019

Don’t Overengineer Things, You’re Not Google


There’s no need to ‘think big’ and be super scalable if you’re a small startup. In this episode, we will talk with Andreas Palsson, CTO at BetterWealth FTS that provides automated investment advisory service with a focus on algorithm-based portfolio management. If you disagree that overengineering can do harm or just interested to learn why this podcast is for you.


1:30 Andreas’ background. His role in Better Wealth
4:23 Context switching is the worst way to spend time
7:21 Best tools for time management and team 
9:28 Why should everyone know what’s going on at the project?
11:15 Two ‘mantras’ of choosing technologies
15:59 Having a broader technical sense is crucial for hires
18:04 What’s more important than financial domain knowledge?
22:24 Product strategy and its biggest challenge
26:53 Why does Andreas prefer keeping teams small?
29:50 Spending time on reading… Medium
31:36 CTO is the one who leverages others
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