24 October 2019

Fixing Broken Industries With Technology. Finance Is Next


Every startup has to have a great idea, a great team, and a talented leader to disrupt the industry it operates in. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Erik Bernhardsson, CTO at Better Mortgage Inc., a company that’s replacing old mortgage infrastructure with thoughtful technology. If you’re interested to know why should a startup be treated like pizza and why should one leave Google and Spotify to join Fintech, this podcast is for you.


1:16 Erik’s background
3:11 At startups, people should focus on a problem, not a tool
7:31 When scaling teams, qualify communication
11:09 Fullstack or narrow-focused experts? Or both?
15:43 Activities breakdown at Better. What takes the most of a CTO’s time
19:33 Why doing whatever you think will bring value?
24:09 Migration to AWS, Kubernetes, and Postgres: Erik’s experience
27:30 Are people exaggerate differences between languages?
29:35 How is the data team organized at Better
34:00 Does the obsession with consumers’ behavior help or harm?
38:11 Consumer-facing project is much like a pizza
40:41 Leaving Spotify in favor of Fintech
44:17 “Broken industry” definition
47:58 A lot in the core of engineering management is mentorship
51:02 How to run a successful technology community
54:10 Why should a CTO be humble about their shortcomings
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