19 September 2019

Hesom Parhizkar: The company that has no technical debt doesn’t exist


In this episode, we talk with Hesom Parhizkar, CTO at Wela, a provider of a digital assistant for RIAs, about team management techniques, the ideal team structure, and working with a remote team. If you want to learn a new view on how to choose technologies for a new project, tackle technical debt, and educate yourself and your team, this podcast is for you.


0:50 Hesom’s background
1:38 Challenges of being a CTO 
3:57 Time management techniques
5:43 Team structure at Wela
7:50 How to tackle with the technical debt
11:00 Choosing technologies for a new project
14:19 Team communication and management
15:45 Pros and cons of working with a remote team
17:45 Knowledge transfer and self-education
19:24 Integration strategies and challenges
23:10 FinTech trends
26:10 How to recharge yourself
27:37 Interesting and boring sides of the job of CTO
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