3 October 2019

Malcolm Ross: Every System Needs to Be Connected and Integrated


No system can exist in isolation today. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Malcolm Ross, VP of Product at Appian, a low-code platform that enables financial institutions to turn great ideas into high-impact business applications. This podcast will be particularly topical for those who aim to build strong integrations, implement innovative techs like AI and Blockchain, and keep the focus on the bigger goal.


1:23 Malcolm’s background. About Appian
6:34 What makes Appian a difference?
9:55 Blockchain drawbacks explained
11:47 Three tiers of AI
16:28 Building an AI project is like raising a child
19:26 APIs & penicillin: what’s common?
24:13 Agile with a clear destination in mind
31:16 Tips to maintain proactivity of engineers
37:23 Cloud can’t free you from the upgrade burden. For your users, it can
44:32 Less control, more mentorship
48:04 Sharing knowledge and motivation
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