8 July 2019

Navigating FinTech Disruption 2019, July 8-12

San Mateo, CA
July 8-12, 2019

Navigating FinTech Disruption is a 5 day immersion experience into the FinTech landscape of Silicon Valley.

  • Meet with executives of up to 20 of the most cutting-edge FinTech companies and accelerators
  • Get advice from leading Silicon Valley experts
  • Connect to and learn directly from top innovators and practitioners shaping the future of insurance, banking, and financial services
  • Brainstorm approaches to turning disruptive threats into growth opportunities with Silicon Valley visionaries 

Program Highlights

    Hear from the leaders who are creating frictionless user experiences and providing the best online and mobile apps. Brainstorm ideas on how to effectively compete and stay relevant.
    Discuss the current state of online lending, its challenges, and opportunities. Discover trends that will change online lending in 2018.
    Learn about disruption of the payment industry. Consider opportunities to ignore, acquire, partner, or compete with newcomers in the payment industry landscape
    Everything you want to know about blockchain technology, its cutting-edge use cases and applications and how this technology is changing the future of money.
    Explore the pillars of big data for wealth management. Visit companies that revolutionize the use of big data to create innovative business models that were not possible before.
    Discover how sensor-based data and connected devices can be leveraged to generate meaningful risk insights.
    Get introduced to the technology that is helping companies better understand and manage risks.

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