31 October 2019

Non-Stop Development Needs Domain Knowledge and Autonomy


Running development teams spread across the globe is quite a challenge. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Anthony DiSanti, CTO at Shift Forex LLC, which builds high-performance trading systems with a focus on cryptocurrency exchange technology. If you want to know the best practices of working with remote teams, this podcast is for you.


1:07 Anthony’s background. About Shift Markets
4:50 Challenges of a fully distributed team
9:18 Task prioritization in a non-stop development process
15:22 Why is industry knowledge essential?
18:35 Knowledge sharing within teams: tips
20:48 Building a low-latency pluggable architecture
26:05 Freedom of technology stack choice at Shift Markets
28:24 Infrastructure: scaling challenges
32:45 Polyglot approach risks and ways to eliminate them
36:51 Testing automation approach
40:42 Is measuring teams’ velocity really helpful?
44:30 Getting inspired with the technology advancements
47:38 Managing legacy is the biggest problem
49:46 Anthony’s day-to-day activities
54:09 Don’t waste your time reading books
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