22 August 2019

Shadi Saifan: CTO Is a Person by Default, Just as Everyone Else in the Team


Being productive yourself isn’t enough to keep engineering teams productive. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Shadi Saifan, CTO at Trizic, an enterprise-class digital asset management platform, about team management techniques he uses in daily practice. If you want to get exclusive insights on building corporate culture and enhancing teams productivity, this is the podcast for you.


0:42 Shadi’s background
8:04 Why will the team structure always reflect on the product?
10:48 Feature-centered teams are essential
14:32 Is there any magic solution on how to measure team performance?
17:24 Problems that can affect teams’ productivity
20:35 Technology strategy at Trizic
27:08 When fighting technical debt, try don’t make more technical debt
32:07 What does corporate culture consist of?
32:49 It’s the responsibility that brings quality into the equation
39:11 Confidence in your team is crucial for raising investments
43:39 Why am I busy? Ask yourself
49:21 Reading books isn’t a good idea anymore
52:03 Keeping engineers excited


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