5 December 2019

Rich Romano: Building a Connecting Tissue Between Carriers and Platforms


Having a strong connection with a team helps companies to combat real challenges. In this episode, we’re having a talk with Rich Romano, CTO at Fiduciary Exchange, LLC (or simply FIDx), a technology-empowered network that seamlessly integrates the brokerage, insurance, and advisory ecosystems. If you want to know how to integrate two huge and complicated areas in one product seamlessly, this podcast is for you.


1:50 Rich’s bio. From a passion for technology to CTO
4:43 Putting together a seamless lifecycle is a challenge
6:58 CTO is a hands-on leader
9:30 FIDx and its role explained
15:50 API strategy. Consistency and singularity
19:56 Actual experience in structuring teams
25:26 Don’t structure teams for the sake of the structure
30:21 Choosing stack, tech debt, and “violent collisions”
35:42 Best architecture practices by Rich
40:00 “I am my own assistant.” Hacks to help to make things done
43:57 About the CTO’s contribution to knowledge transfer
48:45 Communicate at the conceptual level
50:52 Being a CTO is wicked fun!
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