17 October 2019

Shane Higginbotham: With metrics things become no more valuable


In software development, communication may replace many issues, for example performance metrics or knowledge transfer. In this episode, Shane Higginbotham, Product Manager at Blaze Portfolio, shares his ideas why communication is so important and when it can be excessive, why providing metrics is inefficient, and what makes self education better than official trainings. 

Blaze Portfolio provides trade order management and portfolio rebalancing for investment professionals.


0:47 About Shane: responsibilities and challenges he faces as Product manager
3:47 Structure of BlazePortfolio: decision makers and their areas of responsibilities
7:13 Product management approach
13:05 The place of Blaze Portfolio in the WealthTech ecosystem
16:02 Tips for successful product management
18:30 Development process: team structure, performance metrics
24:49 APIs and integrations
33:39 Do software developers need domain knowledge?
37:15 Communication issues
40:17 Business features VS technical debt
44:36 The next big thing in WealthTech. Technology issues
51:15 Time management
54:12 Self education
56:10 What motivates Shane
58:54 What makes FinTech unique
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