12 December 2019

Tony Leal: In FinTech, one is never in comfort zone


Negative experience is the most valuable. In this episode, we’re having a talk with Tony Leal, CTO at Envestnet MoneyGuide, which offers financial planning software for college, retirement, real estate, asset allocation, and insurance needs analysis. His inspiring insights on learning from failures, enforcing corporate culture with creativity, finding a work-life balance are a must to listen to!


1:32 Tony’s background
3:20 In FinTech space, one should never feel comfortable
5:26 The most efficient ways to learn from failure
9:15 Corporate culture means involving the creative process
12:20 A ‘secret formula’ of hiring engineers
14:30  Rearchitecting is just part of being in the business
17:51 Trends: consolidation, integration, financial planning
22:35 Stylish environment breeds creativity
23:47 Work-life balance: farm, hops, lamb
24:39 There are no boring things in FinTech, just some of them more or less fun
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