28 November 2019

David Wallace: What Does Product Health Mean?


Adding value to the lives of many different people can be a powerful instrument of motivation. In this episode, we’re going to talk with David Wallace, CTO at Greenphire, a startup that automates and streamlines payments for the clinical trial industry. If you want to know how to keep teams motivated and the product healthy, this podcast is for you.


2:01 David’s bio. The foundation of the company
5:36 Transforming clinical trials with PayTech
10:09 The key is empowering teams
15:55 How microservices contribute to product speech
19:20 What’s the cost of not doing reengineering?
23:44 Automated testing: a real case
26:02 Everyone is in charge of the security
30:32 Integration endpoints
35:40 The roadmap should include product health
40:16 How bringing teams together can help to make progress
43:14 Developing yourself for making better decisions
46:05 CTO motivation. Bringing value to many people is inspiring
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